Employer: Nextday Cabinets of VA LLC
Position Title: Production Engineer
Job Location: Nextday Cabinets of VA LLC, 14000 Thunderbolt Place, Suite K, Chantilly, VA 20151

Position Duties:
- Apply principles of lean manufacturing to optimize efficiency in manufacturing and assembly line of European style custom closets, cabinets, and office furniture, such as design of manufacturing process and assembly work cells with optimized human factor ergonomics to promote increased lead time and minimum human error.
- Apply engineering methodologies of “just in time manufacturing”, “pull/push manufacturing” to eliminate excess stock items.
- Develop assembly line balancing and Kanban methodologies to promote efficient operations of material handling of stock items.
- Design and implement Six Sigma statistical control systems to coordinate activities and production planning of CNC manufactured custom cabinets and closets to ensure quality products, proactive management, data driven decision making, and interdisciplinary collaboration DMAIC methodology.
- Design and establish vertical and horizontal workflow integration within the company to promote optimized and automated operations.
- Coordinate integration of MRP with ERP to enable digital integration to the manufacturing floor to promote real time inventory and data to enable real time quantitative analysis of manufactured cabinets or closets.
- Estimate production costs of manufactured cabinets/closets and develop cost saving methodologies.
- Analyze effects of product design changes on expenditures for management review, action and control.
- Apply engineering economics and multi criteria cash flow management, during product and manufacturing system design.
- Draft, design and optimize layout of facility to promote analytical and computational methods for optimized work cells, Kanban systems, material handling systems, equipments and location.
- Draft and design layout of equipment, materials, and workspace to illustrate maximum efficiency using drafting tools and software.
- Develop manufacturing methods, labor utilization standards and cost analysis systems to promote efficient staff and facility utilization.
- Provide manufacturing decision-making information by calculating production, labor, and material costs, reviewing production schedules and estimating future requirements.
- Assure product and process quality by designing product testing methods. Coordinate and optimize supply chain in between multiple manufacturing plants and retail facilities by analytic treatment of optimization models in linear, integer, nonlinear programming, mathematical and computational techniques, with softwares as Lingo/Gams.

Position Requirements:
Bachelor's degree in Forest Industry Engineering, Industrial Engineering or other related field + 2 years of experience in the position or related occupation in the furniture, cabinets and components industry which requires working with CNC machines, Cabinet Vision drawing software and operating manufacturing tools and equipment to manufacture and deliver European style custom closets, cabinets and office furniture.

How to Apply:
Please email resume to