Employer: Nextday Cabinets of VA LLC
Position Title: Cabinet CAD Technician
Job Location: Nextday Cabinets of VA LLC, 14000 Thunderbolt Pl., Suite K, Chantilly, VA 20151

Position Duties & Requirements:
Perform duties necessary to create designs, drawings and patterns for the production of European style frameless furniture, cabinets and components. Use Computer Aided Manufacturing/Design (CAM/CAD) programs to create drawings in Auto CAD system. Enter data and download computer information for patterns. Export pattern file to CNC or other computerized cutting machine. Create specifications for pattern including customer style and measurements with all fabricated details. Quality check all designs/drawings/renderings prior to sending them to the CNC Programming team. Save files in an efficient and organized manner to ensure that the CNC Programmer and operators cut the correct file. Train co-workers on CAD best practices. Assist shop team to assemble, package and modify European style frameless furniture and cabinets. Full-time position. High-school diploma/GED + 2 years of experience in a position in the furniture, cabinets and components industry which requires the use of CAD to create designs, drawings, patterns and other renderings of European style frameless furniture, cabinets and components. References also required.

How to Apply:
Please email resume to